Additional Services

At Zodiac Business Services we offer:

Babysitting for Business: Are you needing a break but don't have anyone capable of managing your business while you're gone? We have the perfect solution, our babysitting for business service. Our team can book appointments, accept phone calls, manage payroll and handle any other business related services you require, allowing you to relax with peace-of-mind that your business is in the hands of financial experts.

Project Management: We offer experienced project management services and have the expertise to complete your business project on time and budget. Contact us today to discuss our comprehensive range of project management services.

Bailiff Service of Documents/Process Serving: We are experienced in all facets of process serving or bailiff serving of documents, pertaining to tenancy management. This includes serving and retrieving legal documentation, filing court papers and providing an affidavit of service.

Meter Reading Services: Zodiac Business Services to begin a new contract with Power and Water Services commencing 1st April 2015.

* Other business services are available on application.

General Information:

Our team has extensive qualifications and experience in a broad range of fields and industries, allowing us to provide a large selection of business related services, that we can customise to suit your needs. We offer long and short-term contracts for our services and will attend to your business on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual basis, as predetermined by you. Our team specialise in bailiff service of documents.

Programs We Use:

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